30 05 2011

Here you have a link to study the present simple and the present continuous forms.



How to be a journalist

30 03 2011

Good morning!

Today we’re going to learn How to be a journalist.
You have to follow the instructions you’ll find in the webquest. You must work in pairs.


Good job!

Origami for Japan

17 03 2011

We make an origami to send to Japan.

Read the story here:

Students News: today, we’ll talk about Japan

17 03 2011

Lesson plan for today.


1. Look where Japan is located in the map.


2. Watch this video of the CNN Students News

About your blogs

12 03 2011

Hello everybody,

How are you? I hope you’ve had a nice “white week”. Now we must start working hard again, we are in the final countdown to summer holidays so you must prepare and study to have a good marks.

The first task you must do is to read your blog and answer the comments you have in reply to your posts. You have received comments from Atlanta and other american places. Please be polite and answer the questions and comments. Also you should do another entry explaining in past what have you done during your “week holiday”. Remember the address of your blog: once in the main page you must enter your name and password. I you have any doubt contact me.

See you in class,


And the Oscar goes to…

23 02 2011

The Academy Awards is on February 27th, so this week I’ll take you to the movies. Be prepared and sorry, but popcorns are not allowed in classroom.

Please fill in the next poll about your favorite movie for this oscar edition.

How to write a letter

4 02 2011

Dear students,

Today we are going to learn how to write a friendly letter. Please follow the instrucctions you will find in this link to write a letter to a friend. After the exercise you must make a voki to respond your letter.

Have fun and write correctly!