How to learn English

11 08 2010

If you really want to learn and improve your english, it’s important both to attend the english class and to work on your own once you are at home. English classes are the most popular way in which people study English, but they are not enough to improve your command in english. To learn english it’s important the proununciation, the grammar, and the vocabulary, so we will work all of this in class, but I really encorage you to listen good english programms or cinema in english. Also it’s important to practice the speaking, so we will have our 20 minuts a day of speaking area in our class, but as we are 20 students in the class, so there is little time for you to speak English, I also encorage you to practice your english with your friends out of the class.
Regarding to the textbook, in class we will follow it, but I will also provide you with extra materials to work in class in order to make the classes more funny and effective. Surely, the most boring part for you are the grammar rules, it’s important to learn them. In class we will study only the basic and most important grammar rules, I want you to know that the most important is to speak english naturally, so more than to study a infinite grammar list of rules I want you to speak, listen and understand english naturally.

Here you will find some grammar exercises, a composition on your interest themes, some video to watch and match some question regarding to it.

In our english class we will lear good pronunciation (which is simply necessary for communication!). I will correct your mistakes when you speak and we will learn how to avoid making the same mistakes again. We will also learn about the sounds of English and how to use a dictionary to learn about the pronunciation of words.

I encourage you to read in English, to buy a good English-English dictionary, to listen to English-language recordings on your own.

Here have interesting things which will really improve your English:

1. Turn on your TV and watch CNN International or another English-language channel. You will get lots of perfect sentences in excellent English.

2. Start speaking English with your best friend.

3. Read something interesting. There are so many interesting texts in English! Surf to English-language sites on the Web. Read a good book in English. Simply, read something that interests you. Something that won’t bore you to death.

4. Read and listen to English as much as you can. Input is the only way to learn impressive, natural English.

5. Write about something that you care about. For example, write some e-mail in English. Write for yourself!




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