4 01 2011

To warm up for the next seasonal course, I leave you here a first compulsory activity. You must tell us about something you did with your family over vacation.
What did you do during the last Christmas? Did you travel anywhere? Did you stay at home? Did you read an interesting book? Did you go to a movie? Or maybe you went for skating o just played games at home?

Please share your special moment by writing all about it in the comments space! What did you do? Who did it with you? What made it special? 🙂

Write at least five or six sentences –and as I know what are you thinking… of course, you must write it in english! 🙂

See you in class!




4 responses

11 01 2011

This holidays I have stayed at home.
In the christmas day my grandma have been in my house and we have took dinner together.
In the new year eve we ate the grapes and I was laughing watching how they were eating them.

11 01 2011

hello during my Christmas holidays I’ve been in Barcelona. I have been playing in the PlayStation. i have been with my friends all day in the street. I have been a bit naughty. I have taken dinner and lunch with my family at Christmas eve and also at Sant Esteve and New Year eve.

Good bye,

11 01 2011
pol suárez

hello, I am going to explain you how my Xmas holidays have been. I went to Linares with my father, and family. my holidays were very touching. I celebrated the new year eve and Xmas eve with my family. I did a lot of homeworks during xmas. I played a lot with the presents of Xmas. At New Year’s eve I was with my mother and brother in Barcelona. I enjoyed my christmas vacation a lot!

Good bye! Happy new year to everyone

11 01 2011
Daniel 2C

This holidays I stayed at home with my parents and my sister. I surfed the internet, I read a book, I played with the PS2 (PES 11).
Santa Claus gives me a mini scooter. The three kings give me a TV, a table game, some money, a t-shirt, two pairs of trainers…I am very happy, but the holidays were very short…

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