Rules procedures

We will observe the school rules.

2. We will practice courtesy.
• We will be prepared and on time. (Prepared means being ready to remain in the room
the entire class period. On time means the seat of your jeans in contact with the seat of the desk when the bell rings. Flying through the door as the bell rings is not being on time.)
• We will treat one another with respect.
• We will not speak out of turn.
• We will keep our feet on the floor.
• We will put our name on our papers and identify the assignment. No name, no grade.
• We will participate in a positive manner, keeping our comments on the subject at hand.

3. We will refrain from chewing gum, eating candy, and drinking beverages.

4. Students will check with the teacher about their make-up work. In some cases assignments may be adjusted from the class work in order to compensate for discussion or other activities the student missed. Written make-up work must be clearly identified at the top of the page (page number, title of story, etc.).

5. We will represent our work honestly. Misrepresentation of academic work will result in a grade of “zero.” Examples include but are not limited to the following: plagiarism, fabrication of information, copying of homework, cheating on a test, or turning in a book report on a book we haven’t read completely.

6. We will complete all assignments on time. Homework assignments will not be accepted late.

Attendance and Grading Policies
Attendance and grades will be dealt with according to school policy. Students are encouraged to keep a written record of both. Discrepancies between your records and mine should be brought to my attention immediately. Students should keep a folder of all completed work until they see a computer printout and confirm its accuracy.
No “participation grade” is included in evaluation of student work.
Extra credit is seldom available. Its purpose is to reward extra effort, not to make up for work that was assigned but not done.


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