The Voki Project



I have set out to plan a series of lessons for you to acquire and revise the necessary vocabulary and review the outcome in class as a group.

In the early planning for this series of lessons I have decided that you would make corrections and learn how to use voki’s website ( under my supervision at class. Both written and spoken would take place at class, every friday.

Lesson 1
This lesson is focused on revising the appropriate vocabulary and grammatical structures using an interactive whiteboard and introducing Voki to you.

1. Memorize vocabulary related with unit 1 (Friends).
2. Remember the recently revised grammar structures (to be, present simple).
3. Introducing Voki to you. 

1. Create an a Voki account, customize your voki (hair color, eyes, t-shirt…) and save it in your account.
2. Write between 50 and 80 words in which you have to describe yourself (your voki) and the activities and sports you, as a voki, like to do (revise the vocabulary on pag. 9) and the expressions (I often do; I sometimes do it; I never do it, also in pag. Number 9 of unit 1).

REMEMBER: You must sent your finished voki to or, depending on the class you are.

Leave a comment to one of your partner’s vokies. Ask him/her qüestions using the second person as Do you like movies?, where do you live? (etc.)

As a homework you must deliver for the next class a little storyboard about your voki, his life and a story related with him/her. Can be anything, a terror story, a romantic story, a funny scene. You must invent the personality and characteristics of your character and then write about 50 words explaining the plot of the story.

We will do an activity based in a story of Linguascope. After playing a memory game about the words and expressions used, you will have to write between 80 and 100 words describing your city, town or village so as to base your voki speaking task upon it. You must be aware at this stage that you will be to aim to increase the range and complexity of your english and the speaking task will be the following week work.

Here you have my voki, now I invite you to make yours.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Teacher’s voki, posted with vodpod


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